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Doggy Day Care
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Doggy Day Care
-An Enrichment Cnter
Doggy Day Care FAQ

Doggy Day Care is open Monday - Friday 7am- 7pm

What is the minimum attendance for my dog to keep their spot?

For the safety and happiness of all the dogs in daycare we require your dog attends a minimum of one full day each week on a consistent basis.

Your dog will look forward to seeing their friends, also the more consistent the group of dogs the safer the play group is.

If your dog misses
two consecutive weeks your dog may lose their spot
unless discussed in advance.

Do you provide Boarding?
We offer Sleep Away Camp for dogs who are regular in our program.
Sleep Away Camp is 24hour kennel free care. The dogs are never left unattended.

What is the daily routine?

When dogs come in the morning, they are ready to play.
Wrestle, fetch and chase are the favorites .

Mid Morning it is time for our daily doggy adventure group walk. This field trip is to a dog-friendly trail or beach. We go rain or shine. The dogs are able to stretch their legs and work their
minds exploring, sniffing and observing. We go at the dog's pace, this walk is for them, us humans are here to keep them safe. They are encouraged to sniff and enjoy the on-leash
adventure. Some of the dogs' favorite places to explore are: Carmel Beach, Ft Ord Dunes, Del Monte Forest, Garland Ranch, Toro trails, Del Monte Beach, Mission Trails, etc. We choose a
different place each day.  

After we get back from the daily field trip the dogs usually rest after their busy morning. While resting, the dogs enjoy listening to soothing music and enjoy a treat. We never crate the
dogs they are able to relax where they choose. They all have their favorite spots.  

As the day winds down, lower activity levels encourage snuggling, while they wait for "mom" and "dad" to pick up. We also play bubble catch, laser tag and follow me games.

Throughout the day, we work the dogs mind by asking for sits, downs or stays before they get good things (a treat, or having a toy thrown). This helps to ensure that the dogs are able to
focus on the staff as well as reinforce basic good behaviors.

Tell me more about the Pick Up & Drop Off Service

Pick Up & Drop Off Service is Available Monday - Friday.
We will pick up your dog between 7am-10am and will drop them off between 5pm-8pm
We will need to have a key on file if you will not be home when we get there.
We offer pick-up and drop-off services spanning from Marina to Carmel.
You can add additional walks or feedings to this service.

What is the Staff to dog ratio?

Our staff to dog ratio varies based on the size, activity level and personality of the dogs. We generally try to maintain a ratio of one dog handler to ten dogs. What is the background/
training of the staff? The Staff is experienced in all levels of pet care including Dog Training, Veterinary Medicine and/or Dog Behavior.
We are Bonded, Insured, and Pet First-Aid Certified.
We practice force-free, positive reinforcement techniques to keep the
dogs comfortable at all times.
We are active members of The Pet Professional Guild of Force-free Pet Trainers, Professional United Pet Sitters, and the American Association of Pet Sitters..

Can any dog play?
Dogs must be four months or older so they have their last puppy vaccines.
Friendly dogs that are not protective of food, toys or space
Healthy Dogs-All dogs must have current DA2PP (Distemper Parvo combo),
and Rabies vaccinations.
Puppies under a year must be vaccinated for Bordetella if your dog is over 1year we do not require it.

Dogs must be Spayed or Neutered; however puppies fewer than eight months may attend without being "fixed".

All dogs must pass an assessment to make sure this environment is a good fit for them.

What happens in my dog's assessment?

For the safety of everyone at daycare, it is important that all dogs interact positively together.
For this reason, we require that all dogs pass an assessment.

First, we will discuss with you your dogs history, daily routine and review the needed forms.
Then your dog will be introduced to other friendly dogs, one at a time.
We will monitor your dogs' body language and reactions during these interactions.
If all goes well, you will be able to schedule your dog for daycare.

Assessments take about 30min - 1 hour, are free and by appointment only.  
**You need to stay close by in case your dog is stressed.***.

We schedule assessments in the earlier part of the day when the daycare dogs are ready to meet new friends.
You can schedule your assessment Monday - Friday between
Assessments are good for
7 days